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VACCINATION & HEALTH: Participants are advised to obtain supplementary medical/travel insurance. However, good public and private medical facilities in Ghana provide for essential medical needs. First-aid services will be available at the conference venue.

For information about vaccination requirements and health information for travellers please consult the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website at http://www.who.int/ith/countries/gha/en/.

Health insurance is vital and must cover for accidents and emergency evacuations. Medical facilities are available in all regional capitals and certain towns and villages.

Cholera: WHO guidelines state that a cholera vaccination certificate is no longer a condition for entry to Ghana. However, precautions are seasonal outbreaks during rainy seasons ( May to July and September to October). Visitors must seek up-to date advice. Typhoid: Typhoid immunization is advised. Malaria: Malaria risk is predominantly in the malignant (P. falciparum) form and exists throughout the year in the whole country.

Alternatively you may wish to use the Conference designated private clinic in Accra which will provide it’s service at a fee. Please contact any of the Conference Assistants should you wish to visit our designated Conference Clinic. Rate will be discounted on provision of Conference Badge and ID.