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The AMDMC Tour

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Make the same historical journey of the first African-American President Barrack Obama to the Castles of Cape Coast and Elmina, the edifice for the enslavement of Africans and more.

The AMDMC Tour is a guided tour of some historic sites in the Central and Greater Accra region of Ghana, the tour is pleasantly packaged to provide delegates with ample time after the Conference closing session to historically connect with the rich heritage of the host nation.

It has been stated that no visit to Ghana is complete without a trip, or homage to one of the centerpoint of the tragic chapters in African history (President Barrack Obama, made the same historical journey in his first visit as a sitting President of USA) The enslavement Dungeons or so called Castles. Within the same breath it can also be said that a visit to Ghana is incomplete without a visit to the Dubois Centre, dedicated to the distinguished African-American scholar W.E.B DU Bois, who relocated and settled in Ghana in the 1950s.

THE ACCRA TOUR: Visit the Mausoleum of one of Africa’s most influencial political leaders and political philosophers in the 20th century, Osagyfou Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, first President of Ghana and principal advocate of Pan-Africanism. Take a trip to the Dubois Centre in memory of leading African – American scholar and major intellectual icon of the Africana World, then follow up to the George Padmore Library, dedicated to the memory of Dr. George Padmore, the West-Indian Pan-Africanist and special adviser to Ghana’s first President, George Padmore greatly influenced Dr. Nkrumah’s Pan-African project: The political liberation of Africa.

du_boisW.E.B Du BOIS CENTER: The W.E.B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture is a national historic monument of Ghana, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Culture. The final resting place of W.E.B. and Shirley Graham Du Bois, this major World tourist site houses the mausoleum, personal library, and museum of the Du Boises’ rich lives as influential American and Pan-African thinkers and activists. The Centre was created, in 1985, as a research institution for Pan-African history and culture, and as a crucible for African/Diasporan creativity and promotion of the social, political, cultural, and intellectual legacy of Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois.

THE CAPE COAST & ELMINA TOUR: The journey is approximately 2 hour drive from Accra to Cape Coast and Elmina. The tour will include a visit to Kankum National Park, The Cape Coast and Elmina castles (Elmina Castle is the first edifice built by Europeans in 1482 South of the Sahara) and walk through the historic town of Elmina, visit the Java Museum, Pusoban- military and religious post ect.

door‘The Door of No Return’, the last entrance through which millions of Africans passed through never to see the land of their birth again. Many took their lives rather than pass through this door to awaiting ships a few meters away.

THE KAKUM NATIONAL PARK: One of Ghana’s best national park it boast of a virgin rainforest which covers some 350kmsq with wildlife including various species of mammal such as the forest elephant, leopard, bongo, yellow back duiker, red river hog, primates and over 200 species of birds a large number of reptiles and amphibians and over 400 species of butterfly.

kakumAdditional attraction includes a high 40 metre canopy suspended between Mahogany tress and from which various birds can be observed.

Kakum eco tourist park

(Tour Registration Fee is non-refundable)
– Free Bus to and from conference venue to Elmina and Cape Coast
– Tour in Accra
– Free lunch packs and assorted tropical fruits

The AMDMC Tour :
Date: 1st SEPTEMBER 2018 (Saturday)
Departure Time: 7am Departure from Conference Venue
Arrival in Elmina: 11:00am
Arrival in Cape Coast: 2:00pm
Departure from Cape Coast: 4:00pm
Arrival in Accra: 7.00pm