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  • THE ACCRA CONFERENCE 30th – 31st AUGUST 2018:The Africa Media & Democracy Conference invites papers for its bi-annual Africa Media and Democracy Conference, to be held from 30th- 31stAUGUST 2018, Accra, Ghana. Theme: “Democracy, Social Media & Governance”.
  • BACKGROUND: Africa’s emerging democracies in the last two decades have had to co-exist with a vibrant media contestation. The media has relatively emerged as a formidable constituent as it vie for legitimacy in representing the broad masses. This contestation provides the framework for critical examination on how the media impacts on the democratic process and its relevance for development in Africa. The Conference aims to address and examine various perspectives, interventions and issues of media in the practice of democratic governance in Africa. The event is open to academics, media industry professionals, government agencies, policy makers, regulators, UN agencies, donors, civil society organisations, independent consultants and research groups and students.Papers are also invited on the following sub-themes listed below; submissions could be made from a range of issues and perspectives in relation to media, democracy and development in Africa. It must address specific media practices in the context of democracy in Africa, such as the role of radio commercials as political communication tool in electioneering, the corrosive effects of partisan media practices in popular democracy or the role of the media in the concept of popular democracy and development etc.
  • Sub-Theme 
    Media, language and democracy
    Media, language and symbolic power
    Media, political rhetoric’s and political violence
    Media and political communication
    Media, democracy and traditional governance
    Media, national institutions and democracy
    Media and the conception of national agenda
    Media, democracy and governance
    Media, ethnic identity and democracy
    Media, religious conflict and political stability
    Media, conflict and crises management
    Media ownership, democracy and governance
    Media, concept citizenry and democracy
    Media and the concept ‘good of governance’
    Media and coupe d’états
    Media reportage and democracy
    Media, democracy and political education
    Media, political activism and governance
    Media, democracy and aid
    Media law and regulation
    Media, gender and democratization
    Media, democracy and human rights
    Community media and democracy
    Media and Ethics
    Media and African centeredness
    Media and cultural politics
    New Media and democracy
    New Media and the renewal of local democracy
    New media, democratic theory and public sphere
    Digital media and the renewal of local democracy
    Development democracy and the media
    Media, African centeredness and democracy
    National media and globalization
    Class, democracy and the media
    Media ownership and democracy
    Political advertising
    Media policies and media politics
    New Media and Populism
    Religion, media and democracy
    Public interest journalism
    Journalism in the global news world
    Democracy and transformation of public spaces
    Political blogging and the rhetoric of democracy
    Media, location and culture
    Objectivity, impartiality and the governance of journalism
    E-government and Government In addition to those listed above the organisers will consider other relevant sub-themes from contributors.

ABSTRACTS & PAPERS: Please email abstracts (maximum one page) along with contact information and a 500-word bio to: info@amdmc.net.
All Abstracts must be in English, full papers may be submitted in either English or French.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 10th June 2018
Notice of acceptance of abstracts: 15th June 2018
Deadline for receipt of full papers: 20th July 2018
Notice of acceptance of full paper: 30th July 2018
Notification of Acceptance of Paper/Panel/Workshop



*Please Click Here to View Guidelines and Presentation in PDF


For further information and other enquiries please contact Conference Team.
ENQUIRIES HOTLINE 24HRS: MOBILE: + 233 200723197  + 233 509 040 012